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Calgary actor Grayson Gurnsey lands lead in YTV's Game On

Samantha Bee, Grayson Gurnsey and Jonathan Torrens in YTV's Game On.

Calgary Herald There are moments when discussing his acting career that Calgary’s Grayson Gurnsey sounds like a grizzled veteran.

For instance, he gives off a bit of a “been-there-done-that” vibe when asked about the pressures of landing his first lead role in a television series, the YTV sitcom Game On. After all, he’s not exactly new to this. He had a recurring role on the Kenya-shot medical drama, Saints, “back in the Stone Ages.”

That would be 2010. To be fair, 2010 may seem like the Stone Age to an ambitious 14-year-old.“

I knew I wanted to be an actor at four,” says Grayson, on the line with his mother, Kim, in an interview to promote Game On prior to its debut Monday on YTV. “But I didn’t actually start acting until I was eight …”

“Eight and three-quarters,” his mother chimes in.

“So way before Game On or any TV shows I’ve ever been on, I was four and I was watching, I think, a Jackie Chan movie,” Grayson continues. “And I’m like ‘That is so cool. Why am I not in those movies?’ My parents told me they were actors and they do it for a living and work really hard. So I’m like ‘OK cool, when do I do it?’ ”

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